How to Prove the Value of SEO

With an ever-upgrading Google algorithm, SEO has never been more important. If you’re having a hard time trying to convince entrepreneurs to invest in SEO, here are the top five ways to prove SEO value and worth.

Let’s set the stage for your clients first. You can’t argue with hard-and-fast facts now can you?
Did you know that the top five search results on Google get 70% of the clicks? And that 18% of local mobile searches lead to same-day sales? That’s not all, but 50% of mobile phone users will follow up their search with a same-day visit to the store, with 78% of local mobile searches resulting in in-store purchases. This is the power of SEO. It is one of the most invaluable marketing tools you can use to drive traffic and customers to your business today.

If your clients still need more proof after all those stats, win them over using the following arguments.

1. ROI Model

Many people like to see how their money is being used. Using a Return-on-Investment model, explain how their marketing dollars will generate more traffic, which in turn leads to potential clients and future sales. By keeping tabs on the performance of keywords, clicks and conversions in an Excel spreadsheet, you’ll be able to show how these have improved your client’s ranking and revenue.
If asked how your ROI model will generate sales give your client the following formula:
Potential monthly revenue = Expected clicks x conversion rate x close rates x average salex.

2. Paying for traffic vs. going organic

Paying for traffic might seem like a good way to get people to reach your site, but it comes at a cost. This is particularly true if you buy your keywords. Google’s algorithm favors those who grow their websites organically. Therefore, before paying consider if it truly is worth it in the long run.

3. Conduct a pilot test

The proof is in the pudding. Ask your client to carry out a pilot program just to demonstrate to them that even on a small budget results may be had. Remember to use metrics to measure every small improvement and change. Whatever SEO techniques you choose to employ, be they adding high-quality links to pages, or including high ranking keywords, make sure you measure the impact including flow of traffic.

4. Give comprehensive monthly reports

You can’t argue with facts.
This is why we emphasize keeping track of every metric be they keywords, clicks or impressions. Use Google Search Console to obtain data. Ahrefs will give you a clear indication of past and present ranking.
Don’t forget to show improvements in conversion rate. Give the improvements in terms of percentages. For example, show how conversions improved by XY% from the day you started employing SEO techniques on the client’s website.

5. Show what your client’s competitors are doing

No one likes it when their competitor outperforms them. Collect data on your client’s competition using third-party software like SEMrush and compare it with your client’s current performance. Let the information sink in, and then show them how you could help them improve their own website.

These insights and facts will surely get your clients eager to start engaging in SEO. Just remember to be clear with your clients that it will take some time to see real, tangible results. It’s not impossible.

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