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Checking Server Status and Backlinks with Scrapebox

scrapeboxScrapebox has a couple of useful addons for checking the status of your pages and backlinks of previous linking sites and webpages.

You may want to check the status of many pages in a website to know if they are alive or dead so as to decide what to do with them – e.g. redirect them to a live page.

Create a list of Indexed Pages

The first thing you want to do is create a list of webpages for the site. You can do this by using Screpbox sitemap plugin or by using the command to get a list of webpages indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Once you get this list you need to remove duplicates from the different search engines so that you have a clean list to work with.

Check Server Status

From Scrapebox instal the Alive Check Addon and run it for the list of indexed urls. You can tell it what status code to treat as alive such as 200 success or reverse check for 404 pages. You can also choose whether to follow a 301 permanent redirect or count it as dead. This will provide a result of the urls with comments like Alive, Dead or failed. In case of Failed it is useful to recheck a few times in case your site server is rejecting your request as precaution to too many requests.

Check Backlinks using Scrapebox

Another useful addon lets you check if your links are still up on a particular webpage. The link checker plugin works by checking a bunch of webpages or blogs for mentions of your site. You can also use it to check if the links are nofollow or otherwise. My experience with the addons is that you need to run the server status error list a few times as it time-out before finding an actual link. However, the link not found report was accurate.

Below is the instruction video for both addons:

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