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Blogging is Central to Social Media Marketing

Setting up a blog is a straight forward process with WordPress and it can easily integrate into a main site as a sub-domain in the form

Many companies face the issue of what to blog about but the answer is easily what the company wants to engage with your customers. It can be the primary form of content communication including:

-’hints and tips’
– information about new products and services
-industry news such as – new legislation, new trends
-lessons and ‘how to do’s’
-case studies of successfully completed projects
-company news and press releases

A blog can be at the centre of your social media internet marketing efforts linking other media such as:

Twitter and Facebook can be updated directly from your blog saving you a lot of time and enabling keen followers to come to your site for further details

Emailed newsletters can have links to your blog expanding on topics which again acts to increase traffic.

Bookmarking and RSS feature in your blog increases visibility and link-backs and enables you to easily proactively take advantage for further SEO juice.

YouTube videos can be uploaded to your blog for further visibility in search engines.

Article submissions can be linked back to your blog and other social media forms. A clever practice has been forming a link wheel between the various medias to further fuel your SEO.

The benefit is that the links to it will be included as part of links to your site in Google.

If you regularly add fresh content to your blog the search engines will count it as part of activity to your main site.

Blogs attract natural links if you post regular content. For example product reviews attract comments from customers about experience with your product.

The option of RSS and social bookmarking are standard with most blogging platforms and will allow automatic interaction with site visitors/customers and increasing your presence on the web.

If you do not have time or technical knowhow to set up a blog then enquire about our Blogging and Social Bookmarking Service.

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