The Battle for Traffic – PPC vs SEO

People, organizations, and business compete. They compete for attention, awards, and your dollars and now with the advent of the internet, they compete for website traffic. The two best ways for websites to compete for traffic are SEO (search engine optimization) and the PPC (pay per click).

In this need to compete, people are arguing over which method of promoting a website is better than the other. Both systems have great pros and not so good cons so deciding which one is better may boil down to a matter of choice, your budget and what you prefer to use.

What follows is a brief comparison between the two internet marketing strategies. After reading this you will have to decide which option is best for you and your business.

Website Visibility

The difference here is like night and day. With PPC you get almost instant website visibility. Your advertisement is displayed right where you want it and it can be seen by everyone who clicks on that page

The SEO way may be a lot cheaper and even free but here you have to build up your visibility the natural way. This may not be the fastest way to get visibility but it is a lot easier on your advertising wallet.

The choice here depends upon how much you want to spend.

Return on Investment

Your ROI depends upon how much you spend on advertising and how well you keep track of traffic results from your advertising efforts. Obviously, if you use the natural, free option through SEOs then your ROI will be fantastic, especially if you earn a lot of traffic results. If you decided to use the PPC option then your ROI will depend upon your traffic volume in comparison to the dollars spent for the ads. These must be great to overcome the advantage of free SEO methods.

Marketing Budget

This depends upon your financial position and how much you can afford to spend on internet advertising. The experts say that spending even $5 to $10 a day will help you get your business known and increase your website traffic. When planning your budget you need to keep in mind how much visibility you are trying to reach and what is your target ROI.

The amount you spend will help your business if you do the advertising through PPC or SEO correctly. Keep in mind that more people click on SEOs than they do PPCs

Marketing Timescale

It is clear that the PPC will provide results faster than a SEO. With the later you have to build up your visibility which takes a lot of time whereas a PPC lets your business be known right away, if a person clicks on your ad. One of the problems with SEO advertising is that the large companies like Amazon, etc., can easily overpower any competition through their large advertising budgets and the ability to hire computer wizards to generate large amounts of keywords.

Your efforts may be overwhelmed by a little flexing of the large company’s muscle. Another problem with SEOs is that their algorithms may change and all the effort you put in trying to get visibility are lost. PPCs do not have these worries and can sustain your visibility and maintain your traffic even when the large businesses flex their muscle.

Credibility, Trust & Clickthroughs

There is the perception that gaining traffic through SEOs provides the business with more credibility and trust than using a PPC. This is probably do to the fact that PPCs interfere with finding the results from an internet search and normally has words like Ad, Sponsored, Promoted. People get annoyed at PPCs because they interfere with one’s search or make it more difficult to get to their results. People want to see their results not advertising.

So those companies who use the natural SEO have gained some credibility and trust as they demonstrate that they are not just after the person’s hard earned money but earn that respect the hard way. By not interfering in their search, the company using the natural SEO method gains the trust of the customer.

Which Strategy is Best?

There really is no one answer to which internet marketing option is better than the other because it all depends on the industry , the target market and stage of your business. It depends upon your product, your locale, your target customer and so on. The experts say that a combination of the two, a SEO and PPC advertising thrust, is the best way to go if done correctly. You can get a better ROI and visibility using both methods instead of just opting for one. When a website is new and unkown, then PPC is a good strategy to get immediate traffic. However one should not rely on PPC alone but instead put in place an SEO stratgy SEO for the long run.

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