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Article Distribution Services Are An Important Element Of Internet Marketing

As a full time internet marketer for the past five years I know as well as anyone what works in the world of making money online and what is not effective. And I believe article distribution services are one of the most effective ways of building long term income streams online.

I believe the most effective way to leverage your article marketing efforts is through the use of article distribution services such as ArticleRanks, Content Crooner, ISnare, Article Marketing Automation, & Unique Article Wizard.

I would not rely upon just one of these services (I use all five of the services I just mentioned) because you want your articles to go out to as many different types of websites as possible. By using multiple services you can expand your “link profile.”

These services spread my articles out to many websites all over the internet which greatly leverages the work that I do in writing the article in the first place. I can get hundreds of links back by writing just one article and of course all of those links help increase my search engine rankings which helps bring me visitors who are looking for whatever it is that I’m selling.

Targeted traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business. You cannot make money without getting people to your pages that are interested in what you’re selling (or what your ads are about.)

If my website is about curing acne and I have a lot of ads for acne products on my site then of course I want to show up in Google (and the other search engines) for terms such as “cure acne.” That’s what I mean by targeted traffic.

One thing I really like about some article distribution services is that they include the ability to “spin” your articles so that each article that goes up is “unique.” This helps to avoid any “duplicate content” issues.

Of course this also means you can “spin” your links back to your websites which may be even more important! This means you can get back links to many different websites with just one article (and you can spin the anchor texts too!)

In my opinion article marketing using such distribution services is the best way to build links to your landing pages and obviously building links is an essential part of any SEO strategy. This is a great way to build up long term income streams.

Article Marketing Automation and Content Crooner are two article distribution services that are recommended. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service

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